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Welcome to the companion website for the book Using Social Media in the Classroom. A best practice guide, written by Megan Poore and published by SAGE.

On this site you will find handouts, planning forms, materials to get you thinking and discussing, checklists, and links to help you in your use of various types of social media with your students. I strongly encourage you look around the site, to make the most of the materials hosted here, to contribute your own resources and ideas, and to take part in discussions. I will be monitoring the site and will be available periodically to offer advice and feedback on the forums.

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Why a wiki?

As you'll learn by reading the wiki chapter in Using Social Media in the Classroom, wikis are excellent for building resource repositories -- and that's essentially what this site is. I'm hoping that you might consider adding your own resources to the various pages or that you'll use the site's discussion forum to ask questions, share experiences, and seek advice from other wiki members.

Want to contribute to this wiki?

I'd be delighted if you added your own materials, resources, links, videos, whatever to this space. All you have to do is sign up, wait for me to approve your membership, and then feel free to add, delete, improve, correct ... after all, that's what a wiki's all about. I'll keep an eye on how things are developing, and if we encounter any problems (such as those described in the book!) we'll sort them out as we go along. Experimentation and flexibility are important when it comes to using social media, and I want to encourage both in this space.

If you want to post in the forums, you will also need to join the wiki.

But for now, welcome. I hope you find the resources and conversations helpful :)

-- Megan.