Topics covered in this chapter include
  • What is mobile learning?
  • Educational benefits of mobile learning
  • Mobile learning pedagogies
  • Motivation and personalisation
  • Activities supported by mobile learning
  • Geolocation as ‘learning locations’
  • Administrative advantages of mobile learning
  • BYOD
  • Special considerations for mobile learning
  • Technical issues relating to mobile learning
  • Your own skills and perspective
  • The distraction factor
  • The parents-school dynamic
  • Apps and in-app purchases
  • Data securit and collection
  • Loan systems, data plans, firewalls, and insurance
  • BYOD technical and legal issues
  • Access to devices

For more detail, read Chapter 17 of Using Social Media in the Classroom. A best practice guide.
Mobile learning basics
  • Also known as 'mlearning'
  • Is 'anywhere, anytime' learning, not fixed by time (schedule) or space (location)
  • Two main elements: 1) the learner, 2) a portable digital device

Activities supported by mobile learning
  • Data gathering
  • Information processing
  • Voice recording
  • Video recording
  • Image/photograph recording
  • Access to content
  • Podcasting, vodcasting, photosharing
  • Other collaborative and knowledge-construction activities

Special considerations
  • See chapter 17 of Using Social Media in the Classroom for special considerations regarding mobile learning, including technical issues, loan sytstems, data plans, firewalls, insurance, and access to devices.


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